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When buying or building a home three primary considerations come into play: location, lot, and structure. When building, the home’s structure often dominates attention, but location and lot remain vitally important in making the home work for you.

Mini Plans to Master Plans– A Creative And Affordable Approach to Landscaping

The ideal outdoor living space looks different to everyone. For some it includes a nice patio for entertaining and relaxing after a hard day’s work. For others it may include edibles so meals can be prepared using the freshest of greens. And for still makes the scene complete. It is likely that your ideal outdoor space contains...

Design/Build Magazine 3D

Following the 2018 HOME SHOW in Rochester MN you will be seeing more of the Premier featured homes exclusively here in "3D"

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Mayo Employees Credit Union
Crafting Rochester and SE Minnesota Communities

At the talent search for quality leaders, projects, and craftsmen including the building trades throughout Rochester, and SE Minnesota continues.

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These residential, commercial and specialty construction features and resources we post have continued to circle the globe, showcasing some of the hidden gems found in our quest for QUALITY! 

Construction Partnership, Inc
Phase Your Outdoor Living Space


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Landscaping - Green Corner

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Skilled Trades Apprenticeships in Rochester Initiatives include finding the needs to successfully "BUILD" Rochester and SE Minnesota including building a skilled workforce. If you or someone you know are considering the Construction Trades, the need for skilled craft professionals is urgent. Local "Apprenticeship Programs" are offered in Rochester, MN.